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EMBRYO 2000 live vol. 1

Embryo liveIndigo 9753-2 These recordings were made in the first half of 2000. Because of time problems some tracks had to be faded in and out. 1. - 4. were recorded in Istanbul on the tour to Turkey. The lineup included Lothar, Karsten, Dieter, Jens and Christian, all those who had been on the road with the band in the last years. Marty Cook first played with Embryo in the 80s. Since he had moved to Berlin, where also Michi und Larry are living, he and they always joined Embryo when they performed there.

Larry has known Christian since the mid 70s, his expressive keyboard work to be heard on track 7. Track 8 shows that he definitely has mastered the Afghan rhubab. Track 5 and 6 are a spot for the South Indian tavil player Karuna Murti, who happened to tour with Embryo in June, thanks to percussion player and friend, Christian Auer. Track 5 is especially dedicated to Yulyus Golombeck, a unique guitar & oud player, who died on 1.12.2000. Since 76 he had been with the Embryo family. Tracks 6, 9 and 10 should give credit to all the many great musicians, who helped to give the band new ideas: Xizhi Nie, Monty Waters, Geoff Goodman, Sergey Lettov, Jurji Parfenov and Götz Lieckfeld. Masaro, Nick and Max are the "young lions" of Embryo. Bayka is the child that was born on the legendary tour to Asia in 1978.



Embryo livePersonnel:
Marty Cook tb, - Michi Wehmeyer keyb, piano, - Dieter Serfas perc, - Lothar Stahl marimba, perc, - Jens Pollheide fl, bass, - Karsten Hochapfel g, oud, cello, - Yulyus Golombeck oud, - Christian Burchard vibes, perc, santour, - Bayka voc, - Karuna Murti tavil, - Klaus Gehn perc, - Sharif Kavalli perc, - Izet Kizil perc, - Mac Grimmen Sesler voc, - Murat Ertel saz, - Götz Lieckfeld tp, - Larry Porter keyb, rhubab, - Chris Karrer oud, - Christian Auer tavil, - Serguei Letov ss, - Jurji Perfenov tp, - Masaro Nishimoto fl, - Max Weissenfeldt perc, - Nick McCarthy bass, - Xizhi Nie erhu , - Monty Waters as, - Geoff Goodman g



Embryo liveThanks to:
John, Maria, Christos, Tarek, Ogün, Phontas, Spyros, Roll-Mazine, Kenan, Karga Musik, Toni & Dorothe, Klaus (Lea, Unland), Hemmi & Mela, Volker, Andreas, Andy P., JotheVo (Cover/Layout) & Eva





Listen to:

1. 3 continens 7:43
2. Kawalli 2:06
3. Turkish drums 4:22
4. Robbed in Spain 6:53
5. Yuluys in Madurei 7:55
6. Blues 21 6:52
7. 2 keys 6:33
8. Rhubabdreams 4:59
9. Chlebnikov 3:55
10. Mejor venti 3:03
11. Flip out 6:59
12. Burru gara dara 9:05

The songs are recorded at: Babylon, Istanbul 18-20.4.2000 festival Burg Sternberg 8.7.2000 - Brückerl, Munich 18.6.2000 - Shrine, Berlin 25.2.2000 - Atzinger, Munich 10.12.1999 Kammerspiele, Ansbach 20.05.2000


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